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Sumur Tiga Beach, The Hidden Paradise Weh Island, Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia

Sumur Tiga Beach on the east shore of Pulau Weh is amid western season the best shoreline on Pulau Weh i.e. application. the second half of the year. For long it was somewhat overlooked and just visited by local people living in the territory and a couple of outsiders who thought about its isolation and great swimming.

The corals are not in the same class as in the Iboih/Gapang zone; anyway with regards to the fish there are no grumblings. Dolphins are frequently located farther adrift. New resorts have been worked here amid the most recent years, with elegantly planned lodges, global nourishment and great administration.

Snap to enlargeWhat is known as Sumur Tiga is a short stretch of shoreline, yet as a general rule the shoreline extends from Iemeulee and two miles south, in this manner framing the longest shoreline on Pulau Weh. Sumur Tiga implies the third well. There are really five wells along this shoreline. The principal well (Sumur Satu) is south of Iemeulee (which means streaming water) in the start of the shoreline.

After the second well (Sumur Dua) and the distance to the far end, the land behind the sand shoreline is steep and the trees give a great deal of climate and shadow for the individuals who incline toward.

Snap to enlargeAt the third well, i.e. the Sumur Tiga itself, is the homes of Santai Sumur Tiga, more known as Freddie’s. At the forward well (Sumur Empat) is a Japanese fortification worked with constrained work amid WWII. Nearly at the furthest end of the shoreline, is the fifth well (Sumur Lima). Here is the lodges of Casa Nemo. At this point you ought to have the capacity to include to five Indonesian. On the point itself is another resort coming up.

Somewhat further down the drift past Sumur Tiga is Ujung Kareung with more homes. The east drift has some decent sand extends in the middle of shake arrangements. It tends to be pleasant to investigate the drift with snorkel, veil, and blades. Examination the current before you begin.

The street south is great until Anoi Itam, a well known place among local people on ends of the week. It has a dark sand shoreline, a major Japanese shelter and pleasant corals. There is another up-showcase resort here called Rasa Seni. There are a few decent cafés off the beaten path along this street.

There are no Dive schools on the East Coast, however all the significant facilities have associations with Dive administrators and can undoubtedly orchestrate plunging. They additionally organize swimming and angling trips, and in addition normal round excursions.


Sumur Tiga has turned into a mainstream place to do workshops. Particularly the innovativeness and loosening up air are acknowledged characteristics. Santai Sumur Tiga and the new Ujung Karang Conference Center cooperate, composed by Freddie’s. Ujung Karang can take 60 people in it’s completely prepared meeting room. The new The Point additionally do workshops.

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